$209.00 USD



Albino Rhino is an overdrive that brings with it the duality and balances of a nature that borders on the apocalypse: behaving sometimes softly, sometimes wild, our powerful pedal can be used for first, second or even third stage of gain in your set!

It has two modes of operation: the "Tame", where the pedal works as a low-gain with a cleaner and more compressed characteristic, and the "Wild", where its true nature is revealed, starting to act as a mid-gain or as a high-gain, depending on the position of the gain knob, with tones that range from the sound of an amp "breakup" to a fuzzed distortion, being ideal for grunge, stoner, and some metal styles that require more "dirty".

In addition, the Albino Rhino has an extra equalization section at the end of the circuit, called "Weight", which allows you to give more weight to your sound by adding bass ("low") or mid-bass ("mid "), chosen by the position of the center switch.