• The checkout page asks for information that doesn't apply to my country/location, such as "District", "Number" and "National ID". What should I do? If any of the required fields at the checkout do not apply to your location, please fill them in as follows:

- District: Enter 'NONE';
- Number: Enter '0' (zero);
- National ID: Enter 'NONE';

Also, when you have finished filling in your details at the checkout, you will be taken to a new page where you will see the "Additional comments" field. In this field, you can enter your shipping details in the way you are used to writing it.


• Do I have to pay custom fees? Yes, import fees are not included in the product prices. Custom fees vary according to the rules of each country and are the responsibility of the consumer. We will not pre-pay or reimburse any duties, taxes and/or custom fees associated with import process of your country.

• I didn't find my country in the shipping options, do you ship here? If your country is not listed in the shipping options, please contact us to find out if we ship to your location. 

• What is the difference between “EMS” and “DHL” shipping? DHL shipping is much faster, as it is a "door-to-door" carrier, while EMS can take up to 30 days be delivered to your country. If both options are available for your location, we strongly recommend you to choose the DHL shipping option.

• My order is held at customs in my country, what now? Customs processes are not the responsibility of Krozz Devices or the carrier. Customs is a government department of each country accontable for system of procedures, rules and tariffs on imported goods. In some countries, customs clearance can take several weeks and exceed the time frame described on our checkout page.


• Does my pedal have warranty? Our pedals have a 1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase, including manufacturing defects and malfunctioning parts. The guarantee does not cover problems arising from misuse (such as broken knobs, scratches, etc.), accidents and circuit modifications. Please note that if your pedal is damaged by using a power suplpy other than that specified, your warranty will be void. The warranty is only valid for the original owner upon presentation of the order number and serial number. All costs for shipping back to Krozz Devices are in charge of the customer, while costs for shipping back to customer are in charge of Krozz Devices,

If you have any problems with your pedal, please send us an e-mail ([email protected]) with the following information:

- Pedal: (example: Airborn);
- Serial number: (written on the original box, example: #AB010);
- Order number: (described in the order confirmation e-mail);
- Date of Purchase:
- Full description of the problem:

• I want to return my product, what should I do? We accept returns within 14 days of receipt of order (from the date of delivery as indicated on the tracking number). In this case, the customer must bear all the expenses related to the return. For returns directly to Brazil, VAT (18%) and Duties (18%) are added to the shipping costs. However, please contact us and we will check if there is a partner in your area to whom you can send your pedal and reduce expenses.